Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"I'm graduating...so now what?!"

Do you find that everyone thinks you're supposed to be super happy now that you're done....but you're too freaked out about the future?

Today's post is dedicated to all of you dissertators, past, present, and future....who finally reach The Big Day and all you can think about is how you're going to answer the next person who asks, "So what are you doing next?"

Here are a few nitty gritty details to help you navigate your immediate future if you're graduating or about to graduate from CGU:

What happens to my library privileges?

The good news: you can purchase an annual alumni card for $35 a year.

The bad news: You can't access databases off-campus. You can't use ILL or Link+ any more. Might be a good time to make friends with a fellow CGU student who isn't graduating...

What happens to my health insurance?

The good news: if you paid for it already, you're on it until 8/27. (source: Nusha in Admissions)

The bad news: After that, you're on your own.

What happens to my cgu e-mail?

The bad news: They cut you off 6 months after graduation.

The good news: You can forward your mail through Outlook.

Who to contact for more information: The Dean of Students office, carol.toscano@cgu.edu

Can I still use the Writing Center?

The bad news: The CGU Writing Center services are only for current CGU students, faculty, and staff.

The good news: The Writing Center maintains a list of editors and proofreaders in the area who can offer all kinds of help for pay. Rates vary, so you must contact the editors to learn more. One recommendation: TWEED editing, which is run by CGU Writing Center tutor and CGU doctoral candidate Katrina Van Heest.

What if I never get a job?

The bad news: the economy is really, really bad, and everyone you know will just love to forward you articles from the Chronicle of Higher Education talking about how you'll never get a job.

The good news: You can stop reading the Chronicle of Higher Education. You can stop opening those forwards. And you can know you're not alone.

The Writing Center may be offering a CV workshop soon to help students network and continue polishing their application materials. Stay tuned!


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