Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Advice for Dissertators

Stumbled on a very informative page about dissertations on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill when I was avoiding the writing pact I had made with myself.

The page is a great resource for tips and techniques on how to manage life after ABD to keep yourself on track to write your way through to the end of your dissertation. Check it out here.

The UNH page also has some fun stuff - here is a list of dissertation idioms from their page. I've added a few more from our Boot Camps.
  • A good dissertation is a done dissertation.
  • What do you call a grad student who barely squeaks a lousy dissertation past her committee? Doctor.
  • You ain't painting a masterpiece.
  • It's not the last word on the topic; it's the first word.
  • Dare to be adequate!
  • Life happens ... and sometimes so do dissertations.

You're Not Alone - Here are some of the members of our group!