Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Drop and Give Me 20 Paragraphs: The Dissertation Boot Camp

Dissertating: like Les Miserables, only without the singing

On Saturday, February 6 and Sunday, February 7, the CGU Writing Center hosted its most recent Dissertation Boot Camp! There were a few changes this time around, including booking two houses to hold more campers.

At the end of the first day of yoga, Marie reminded the class of an important dissertation adage.

All grad students are perfectionists...to some extent, that's why we've succeeded this far in academia. But there comes a point in the dissertating process when perfectionism will cripple you. You have to let go - dare to be adequate. The dissertation doesn't need to be the best document known to man, it just has to be finished.

It has been scientifically proven that snacks bring words to the brain

As usual, the campers toiled the day away fueled by chocolate, coffee, and miscellaneous fruit.

Harrison Ford made a brief appearance.

Marie pie-charting the day away

For this Boot Camp, we booked the Graduate Student Council House as well as the CGU Writing Center. The GSC house has a full kitchen, several rooms, comfortable couches, a relaxing backyard, and great atmosphere. Thanks for opening your space to us, GSC!

The balancing act... a skill dissertators must use all the time.

For this Boot Camp, we were graced with not one, but two days of yoga! Marie lead the group on Saturday and Nancy Sassman returned to lead the group for Sunday.

Fearless leader pose.

While it rained and hailed outside, boot campers practiced yoga inside the dry comfort of the GSC house. Thank you again, GSC!

Give the baristas a chuckle! You might even get a free cup o' joe out of it.

We also have some Dissertator T-shirts left! Come by the Writing Center to buy one. They cost $12.50. They are available in several sizes, in white and red.

Use a fabric marker to check off the year of your graduation. Surprisingly, this feels like more of a commitment than any of the official forms!

Once again, the Boot Camp was a great hit! Thanks to everyone who came and shared their experience and brain power.

The next camp will be in April! If you've passed your qualifying exams and are working your dissertation, come join us!

You're Not Alone - Here are some of the members of our group!