Saturday, May 28, 2011

For the artist in all of us

My husband sent me this while I was in the middle of the mad dash to dissertation proposal. It's a wonderful blog post by an artist Austin Kleon. He has 10 things about the process of making art. In my eyes these are also 10 things about writing a dissertation. Here is the list - but check out his post here because he says it much better ... and he has pictures!
  1. Don't worry about originality ... it's all really a mash-up
  2. Just do it ready or not
  3. Write what you have a connection to
  4. Don't forget your body - it's part of the process
  5. Don't lose side projects and hobbies 
  6. The secret of good work - sharing it
  7. Geography is not our master - you do not have to be in this alone
  8. Be nice ... 
  9. Be boring ... routine, routine, routine
  10. Creativity is subtraction - know your limits, less is more

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