Sunday, March 21, 2010

Congratulations to Everyone Defending!

Just a quick note to send warm wishes and astonishingly astute thoughts to the members of our group defending their dissertations in the near, near future!

Marie - March 23
Tanya - March 25
Fay - March 25
Tara - March 26
Sandra - March 26
Aya - April 9

Just a note - even though defenses are open to the public, it's always considered polite form to ask the dissertator first if he or she would like the support. Some people would prefer a private or small defense, and others may have small rooms and large families. So if you're interested in attending a defense, just ask.

And if there is anyone else scheduled in the group, just send an e-mail.

Congratulations everyone!




You're Not Alone - Here are some of the members of our group!