Saturday, December 19, 2009

Deadlines for Spring 2010 Graduation

Manuscript Deadlines

Several members of the Writing Center's Dissertation Workshop have their sights set on May graduation, which means defending in March / first few days of April. Depending on your discipline, you may have a much earlier deadline for the completed manuscript.

Did you know that some schools at CGU have official departmental manuscript deadlines for the dissertation, while others do not? (Everyone must make the final submission date to Edris, of course) If you don't know if your discipline has its own deadlines, talk to your department secretary or chair.

For example, manuscript deadlines for Spring 2010 graduation:

School of Arts and Humanities - no departmental manuscript deadline

School of Politics & Economics - full diss must be given to all committee members by February 1.

School of Religion - has a deadline for a style check. Religion students must submit a chapter to Betty Clements at the Claremont School of Theology approximately the same time, or at the end of the semester before they submit the complete preliminary draft to their committee (first day of the semester in which they plan to graduate). The style checker reads the sample chapter (fee $50) and sends a report to the committee chair and the chair of the School of Religion.

Defense Deadlines

February 19 - deadline to file Intent Form
March 22 - deadline to schedule defense for Spring degree
April 2 - deadline to defend for Spring degree
April 16 - final draft filing deadline

Is there a manuscript deadline for your school? If so, e-mail me and I'll add it to the list.



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