Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dissertation Grants Have Been Announced - 5 Are In Our Group!

Congratulations Yaeri, Soomi, Aya, and Lorie!

The winners of the CGU Dissertation Grants and Transdisciplinary Grants have been announced, and of the dozen winners, almost half of them belong to Writing Center's Dissertation Workshop!

(for those of you who won, there will be a Dissertation Grant application workshop next year, and it would be wonderful if you'd be willing to participate and give tips for the next batch of applicants)

The grants range from $8,000 to $10,000 and are awarded to advanced doctoral students in recognition of their dissertations and to help them meet their graduation date.

Winners of the Transdisciplinary Awards are marked by an asterisk:

*Robert Blagg. Religiousness, Community, Altruism, & Health: Exploring a Reciprocal Process

Justina Buller. The Reception of The Education of Henry Adams: Culture, Authority and the Literary Canon

*Thomas Crawford. Re-Presenting Gnosticism: Contested Scriptures, Canons and Meanings

*Justin Hackett. The Link Between Values and Behavior

Stacy Ann Hawkins. Family Relationships and Adolescent Behavior in Families Headed by Heterosexual, Gay, and Lesbian Parents

Yaeri Kim. National Culture, Transnational Imagination: A Transnational Approach to the Contemporary Popular Culture of South Korea

Soomi Lee. Institutional Impacts on Subjective Preference—Policy Congruence Across Countries

*Aya Nakagoshi. The Anatomy of Gifts: The Act of Giving and Living Donor Organ Transplantation

Lorie Obal. Vista/CPRS and the Veterans Health Administration: A Case Study on EHR Impact in Primary Care

*Julia Parnell. Stigmata: An Ethnographic Approach to Religious Tattooing in America

Tara Prescott. A Lyric Elixir: The Search for Identity in Mina Loy

*Chi-Shu (Nick) Yeh. On Both Sides of a Two-Way Mirror: Two Films' Representations of Hitler and a Group of Young German Nationals' Readings of the Films

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