Tuesday, October 7, 2008

DIY Dissertating

In the recent workshop, Lorie mentioned the Association for Information Systems Ph.D. page.

It's worth a gander, particularly "Answers to Doctoral Students' Frequently Asked Questions," "10 Mistakes Doctoral Students Make in Managing Their Program," and "How Am I Doing? Checklist for Doctoral Students at Various Stages of Their Program."

Thanks for the tip, Lorie!

Lynda recommends Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day as good "meditations before you go to bed" reading.

And Paula has many tips about using local photocopy / Kinkos centers' services wisely. For example, if you have printed out reams of dissertations and need them hole-punched, its easy to drop them off at a copy center and have them do it for you (unless you like the catharsis of whacking away on a 3-hole-puncher...and come on, we've all been there).

Bennett said, "I make a deal with myself to take a break every month" as a way to reward himself for his dissertating - and as one month's break, became a certified teacher of raw food instructor.

The group's procrastination efforts in the past week have included surfing, knitting a scarf, baking bread, and watching all three hours of The Godfather. We're a crafty bunch of procrastinators, indeed.

Aya's defending her proposal this week - wish her well!


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