Monday, August 25, 2008

Dying before your student loans are due...

Today while crossing College Ave, I nearly got creamed by an SUV driving at warp speed. This, combined with the time I nearly set my bed on fire by falling asleep and knocking over a hot reading lamp, makes me think about the very real hazards of writing a dissertation.

It's dangerous stuff, people!

A good friend of mine, who needed the Ph.D. in hand before beginning her new job, was able to complete her dissertation in 6 months...and got shingles from the stress. (but she did it!)

We all joke about dying before paying off our student loans....

But seriously. Writing a dissertation is hard on your body. There's stress. There's consuming large amounts of prepackaged food. There's anxiety. Lack of sleep. Sitting for extended periods of time, staring at computer screens.

Take care of yourself as best you can. Make time for healthy food, sleep, sanity breaks for movies or friends or movies with friends. Yoga. Whatever it is that sends you back in touch with reality for moments at a time.

And remember: As CGU students, we get 8 sessions of free therapy from Monsour (the link is on the right sidebar). Even if you have your doubts about therapy, you ought to check it out...because hey, it's free. If there's one thing that grad students love, it's free stuff. You pay an incredible amount in tuition, so you should scarf up all the free food (GSC parties! Welcome Back party!), free tutoring (CGU Writing Center!), and free therapy (Monsour) you can.


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